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The Spalding County Sheriff's Office has suspended all visits to the split county jail and introduced a so-called "no-visit" policy for crimes that are not ongoing or have already taken place. The Georgia Department of Justice has ordered that there will be no visits for inmates at the Georgia prison or any other correctional facility for the rest of the year.

The Spalding County Courthouse will be open, but no closures are currently planned. The Georgia Department of Public Safety office and sheriff's office remain open while personal contact with the public is restricted. We will continue to focus on all essential tasks and expect closures at any time, "a county press release said.

For more information, visit or call the office at 770-467-4360. Visit the Flint River Regional Library website or the Flint River Library website for information on its services. To renew your brand or to pay taxes online, please visit our website, contact our office (770) -467-4360 or visit our website of the electoral office and contact us with any questions. For questions or further information about the county's online tax filing system, you can visit the Spalded County Tax Commissioners "website, contact me with your questions and / or contact my office or the County Council's office at 706-543-3200 for a copy of their website.

In addition, you can also put your completed Homestead Tax Exemption application in a discharge box or send it to my office at 706-543-3200.

We are currently working to provide meals to seniors who depend on the Senior Center. Meals on Wheels for seniors will continue, please contact us for information on these services.

The Spalding County Council is aware of the COVID-19 pandemic and closely monitors the health and safety of its citizens and visitors. While we take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of those who live, work and reside in Spaldings County, we are also taking all necessary steps to provide basic government services to our citizens, visitors and workers in our areas of work. The public is precautionary and excluded from the event of an outbreak of influenza virus until further notice.

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