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Georgia Athletic Director Greg McGarity announced Monday afternoon the signing of former UMass and Columbia football head coach Mark Griffin as the school's new athletic director. Georgia President Jere Morehead has made some changes to the structure of the sports department and promoted Josh Brooks to interim athletic director effective January 1. Griffin, formerly of U-Mass Columbia, is Georgia's first woman to lead a women's team and is quickly adapting to his new staff.

He has been involved in the development of the women's basketball program at UMass and Columbia, and has been an assistant coach at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has also worked with the Georgian men's and women's national teams, and even with the US men's national team, helping them prepare for the 2012 Olympics.

In his role with the Bulldogs, Griffin's responsibilities include a range of sports, including men's basketball, women's football, volleyball, baseball, softball and volleyball. During his time at UMass, he also served as an assistant coach at Columbia University and the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, which included a stint as head coach of the women's, football and baseball teams. The Lady Bulldogs have a phone number and can terminate or text Griffin at any time, as well as contact him by email.

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He currently lives in Griffin with his wife Liz and enjoys his office in Griffin-Thomaston. He has performed operations in the U.S. Air Force, Army, Marine, Marine Corps and Army National Guard and conducts operations at the University of Georgia Medical Center in Atlanta and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The most common patient problems include torn ligaments, tendinitis, torn ligaments, torn tendons, tendonitis and other injuries. He masters this by means of arthroscopic techniques and the application of orthopaedic techniques such as cartilage repair and reconstruction.

Everything he has learned from treating injuries at professional level is also used to treat injuries suffered by weekend athletes and even non-athletes.

The Tigers and Lady Tigers work with elementary and middle school students to teach them about the importance of reading as a vital part of their education. We strive to promote a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude towards life, health and education for all.

We offer the opportunity to participate in and offer a variety of events, such as basketball, baseball, softball, football, volleyball, athletics, football, golf, tennis and much more.

To date, SCTC has trained more than 1,000 students at Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, and other colleges and universities who have enrolled in various courses. We will compete in the US National Collegiate Athletics Association (NACAA) from January 2018.

Since 2010, the SCTC Tigers and Lady Tigers have been part of Region XVII, which is a member of the North American Collegiate Athletics Association (NACAA) and has become one of the leading collegiate rugby programs for men and women in North America. They are members of both the NCAA Division II and NCAA Women's National Championships. Both the men's and women's teams won the 2017 and 2018 regional championships and are in their second year of competition. Several team members are members of this year's National Championship team, in which the player plays Region VIII Des - Year Calvin Sinkfield, who was nominated for the Men's Region XIVII, Coach of - of - the Year 2015 - 2018. Georgia Tech head coach John D. Smith has been named Coach of the Year twice.

He was previously a senior associate in sports administration at the University of Massachusetts from 2015 to 2017. In this capacity, he oversaw day-to-day student operations, sports facilities and competition, and served on numerous campus committees. He has been responsible for a number of Columbia sports programs and for the development and implementation of a variety of student sports initiatives. Griffin has played a role in several student-athlete initiatives, including the founding of the Columbia Student-Athlete Development Center (SCDC) and the SCTC Tigers and Lady Tigers programs.

He served in that role until he accepted the job at Georgia starting in the 2018 calendar year, according to a Georgia Athletics press release.

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